Historic Lime Kilns

Highway 35

In addition to a major lumber operation, Coboconk benefitted from another natural asset: limestone.

The large lime kilns at Coboconk were built for converting limestone into agricultural and building materials and crushed for road building. As a soft stone, it was often carved into building blocks -- some of which are still part of original buildings within the village today such as the old Coboconk Jail House built in 1884. The kilns were also used to provide bricks for organizations such as The Toronto Brick Comapany and the Canada Lime Company. The limestone business was such a crucial part of Coboconk history that the community developed a nickname over time - "the Limestone Village". Remnants of the kilns can still be seen off of Hwy. 35 and have been in place for over 130 years overlooking the village of Coboconk.

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