Elliot Falls

Elliot Falls Road

A pretty little falls that has been partially modified by a hydroelectric development. The small hydro building diverts most of the Gull River's water flow, but at least some of the flow is allowed through a narrow natural channel located on the side of the river opposite to the hydro building. The falls was probably larger at one time, and you can see part of the old falls below the water control dam, next to the hydro building. By following the trail to the lower (main) falls, you will pass a few cascade sections of the river. The lower falls is an irregular cascade about 2 to 3 meters in height. The irregular nature makes for an ever changing display, depending on river stage. People can swim at the base of the falls.

To get to the falls, take Hwy 35 north to Norland. Turn right 2.6 km past Norland onto Elliot Falls Road. At the end of this road is a parking lot. Walk over the dam and turn right. The falls are about 200 m downstream.


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