We Can't Spell 'Community' without 'Unity' - Become a Member of the CNACC!

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What Membership Means For You

Becoming a member means being able to voice your opinion about the local business life and municipal decisions. It creates a strong reputation for your work in the community and improves leadership and communication skills. You’ll also have access to a variety of benefits including health insurance, gas and visa/debit processing discounts, first-word on training courses, and more!

What Membership Means For Your Business

For your business, being a CNACC member means more visibility and marketing opportunities in print media and on social media, often at a reduced cost! Additionally, the opportunity to network and make connections with other business owners and community members. Business referrals and increased customer retention come from making associates and friends in the community.

What Membership Means For Our Communities

With more businesses working together, there is a higher opportunity to increase economic growth in the area. This improves the quality of life for business owners and residents alike. A stronger community is built through economic growth, local engagement, and community initiatives! Your reputation matters - being part of the community earns the respect of the community.

Be Heard. Be Seen. Belong.

If you’ve decided to take the opportunity to become a member of the Coboconk, Norland and Area Chamber of Commerce, contact chamber@coboconknorland.ca.