Shop Local

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused businesses and community members to re-evaluate how we do businesses with one another. We know that it is an unsettling time right now for many small businesses within our community. During this time, it is important to show our support while also being sure to stay safe. Many businesses in the Coboconk and Norland area are still welcoming customers and are working hard to provide us with what we need! Here are a few ways you can support our local businesses: 

 1. Use Delivery or Pick Up Options

 Many businesses within our communities have shifted their focus to provide the same level of customer service through delivery or pick up       methods. This is a great way to get what you need while still practicing social distancing!

2. Purchase a Gift Card

Consider purchasing gift certificates from your favourite businesses to use later when things are up and running again. Check out the FanSaves program!

3. Shop Local Online and by Phone

If you’re stuck at home, what better way to go shopping than online or by phone? You can have your items delivered, pre-order items for scheduled pick-up, or purchase virtual items like gift cards! All from the safety of your living room.

4. Like, Comment, Share

Show your support by engaging with local businesses via social media. This is a great way to help promote businesses, and a great way to help get their messages and updates out to the community.



FanSaves Helps, and So Can You!

The FanSaves Helps gift certificate program is helping give business owners a boost across the country and in the Coboconk & Norland areas.

You can buy a gift certificate from your favourite local businesses online to be used once things are up and running again. A newly added feature also allows buyers to donate their gift certificates directly to frontline hospital workers in their area!

Check out our local FanSaves page to start shopping: